Main Benefits

  • Control the entire smokehouse process from curing to cooling
  • Monitor the production flow and inventory levels
  • Improve yield and throughput
  • Ensure traceability

solution overview

Innova Smokehouse is designed to let you manage and monitor the smoking process in a single system that includes monitoring both yield and throughput in curing, smoking and chilling.

Products can be registered into the system automatically or manually, using hand-held devices or wall mounted terminals. This eliminates the need for paper on the production floor and ensures that information is up to date at all times.

By monitoring the weight and the age of products throughout all three stages of the smoking process, Innova Smokehouse Solution reduces yield losses by ensuring correct handling, curing and smoking times. The system can also monitor inventory levels and send automatic e-mail alarms that enable you to react in real time to minimize losses.

The system’s wide range of standard reports and dashboards provide detailed information about the products moving between processes, as well as the status and age of products being cured, smoked and chilled. This enables you to monitor progress in real time or track products historically – based on lot, tare weight, or other parameters – which ensures full traceability.

At the end of the day, Innova Smokehouse Salmon Solution enables you to gain full control of your smoking process, so that you can make the right decisions at the right time to increase your yield and throughput.

How It Works

  • Trolleys are weighed empty to get the correct tare weight. RFID gives each trolley a unique identity.
  • When the trolley has been filled, it is weighed again, and product, lot and Purchase Order information is selected.
  • When trolleys are allocated to curing, the system automatically sets the curing timer, and curing room locations can be assigned.
  • When the curing-time alarm goes off, trolleys are weighed and moved from curing to smoking.
  • Trolleys are weighed and allocated to smoking chambers, and the system automatically sets the smoking timer.
  • When the smoking-time alarm goes off, trolleys are weighed and moved from smoking to the cooling room.
  • Trolleys are weighed and allocated to production.
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