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Innova Food Processing Software lets you increase overall effectiveness and align every aspect of your operation to your processing goals. Our software is designed to give you the exact functionality you need to manage your operation at peak productivity. Mitigate operational risk with full traceability from farm to fork. Innova lets you anticipate, plan and react to any issue that challenges production in real-time.

  • Knowledge and understanding of meat processing challenges and expectations
  • Full production control with a cohesive, integrated software solution
  • Flexible, modular software for all sizes of production
  • Professional project management methodologies

Innova Food Processing Software in meat processing

“By using Marel’s food processing software, more than 25,000 units of data per day from around 500 data collecting points are analyzed, validated and forwarded to farmers and producers to document how they perform. This gives both them and us a very good tool for controlling and monitoring beef production as well as marketing the industry.”

Hugo Köncke,
Chairman of Information Technology, IN



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The National Meat Institute, Uruguay

Traceability from source to shelfTraceability in the world market is becoming increasingly important to red meat processing companies  and their stakeholders.

When the National Meat Institute in Uruguay (INAC) set out to establish a centralized and online  traceability system, Innova proved to be the solution. 

The Uruguayan traceability system, SEIIC (Electronic Information System of the Meat Industry), was set up by INAC in co-operation with Marel, and has been in full operation since 2007. The purpose of SEIIC is to gather and collate online data about bovine slaughter and deboning in a central system, to ensure transparent management and consistent operating data for all parties involved in the mandatory meat processing system – farmers, producers and government authorities. Today, INAC centrally organizes traceability across 39 approved processors in Uruguay and the system provides a good foundation to Uruguay’s market position as one of the key players in the world. 

Real-time information and full traceability across the entire value chain
The beef supply chain can be divided into three stages – and traceability is important in each of them:

  • From the cow’s birth at the ranch through delivery to the slaughterhouse.
  • The slaughtering of cattle and division of carcasses into cuts at the slaughterhouse.
  • Delivery of cuts from the slaughterhouse to the importer, retailer and consumer.

The animals are first registered when they enter the plant with information such as the herd number, the producer’s number, farm and ear tag. The SEIIC system consists of seven data capture and registration points using Marel hardware. These points then provide information about the slaughtering, deboning and dispatching processes via the Innova production control software. The real-time information generated and obtained from central points at each plant is stored in a local SEIIC server at each plant, as well as in a management server at INAC in Montevideo.



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