Innova Food Processing Software empowers you to get the most out of your Marel processing equipment. Get the most effective processing control available for individual machinery or whole processing lines. It provides real-time data for performance monitoring, enabling you to maximize profitability at each stage.

  • Optimizes your equipment
  • Overview of production data in real time
  • Communicates alarms based on device status


device control


Centralized equipment management that stores programs and settings for the machine

Control your equipment and manage all production parameters straight from the office. You can set up and store different work programs based on material, customer, order or other parameters. You can then quickly look them up and adjust based on the upcoming production work.


Detailed production reporting with static reports and live dashboards

Gathers real-time data from your equipment to give you a solid overview of your production. The system generates standard production reports that can be broken down by time, material, customer, and other parameters used for internal and external reporting needs. Innova enables you to easily export data in various formats for further analysis. Innova also includes live dashboards that monitor your equipment and production in real time so you can respond immediately to any variations.


Overall equipment efficiency with alarms

Innova not only gives you this unique two-way communication of programming and reporting, but also includes an alarm system that triggers notifications if your equipment is not working properly. These notifications can be displayed on-screen and sent via email or SMS. With all these features combined, enhance the power of your equipment, improve your production and optimize your results.


Innova and equipment modules

For more information on Device Control modules please see the relevant equipment page on industry websites.


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