Monitor and manage production performance and improve your overall processing efficiency. Innova process control allows you to control, oversee and trace every aspect of production and adjust the relevant parameters as needed. 

Main Benefits:

  • Optimizes your production process
  • Overview of production data in real time
  • Monitor and manage all production parameters


Process Control


Process management that stores programs and settings for the process line

Control your process and manage all production parameters. In addition to setting up and storing different work programs for constant monitoring and improving, you can define targets for yield, throughput and quality for individual employees or a whole processing line. This information can then be presented on individual or group terminals for direct, real-time feedback. Furthermore, Innova enables you to track and trace your material by linking information on purchase orders (POs) and lots to your process.


Monitor your process performance with reports and live dashboards

Gather real-time data from your processing line so you can monitor targets per employee and per process line for yield, quality and throughput. The system generates standard processing reports that can be broken down by time, material, customer, order, and other parameters that are used for internal and external reporting needs. Live dashboards are included that monitor your process and production in real time so you can respond immediately to any variations.


Improving overall process efficiency

Multiple alarm notification setups can be specified within Innova. Alerts are displayed on-screen and/or sent via email or SMS if your targets vary from predefined target goals. This could include alerts for low oil status, variation from predefined throughput goals or unexpected production stops. With this two-way communication of programming, monitoring and reporting, Innova enables you to improve employee performance and raise overall process efficiency.


Stian Otterlei, Manager, Filleting department, Austevoll, Norway

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