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Ensuring timely delivery is vital to customers, so it is crucial to have the right tools in place to manage all logistical challenges. Innova provides logistics capabilities that are scalable and reliable, covering all processes from reception of raw materials to proof of delivery.

Main benefits:

  • Complete inventory control from receiving to dispatch
  • Real-time overview of inventory status
  • Minimizes handling and transit time
  • Reduces loss and expired products


Finished goods with Innova

Complete inventory control from reception to dispatch

Products have a limited shelf life, making stringent and detailed inventory management essential. Processors are also faced with a considerable amount of product movement between production areas, inventories and individual processes. Innova Inventory meets all these requirements by tracking all inventory transactions throughout your processing process from reception to dispatch.


Inventory levels are known at any given point in time

Get full control and visibility of your raw material, work in progress and final goods inventories in real time, providing you with an extensive overview of your products and inventory status. Performing inventory transactions with online mobile scanners ensures real-time information.


Reduce losses and optimize your product age level

Critical data such as product age, expiry dates and time on inventory is known at all times. Innova provides this valuable information in order to reduce losses on expired products and to optimize product age level. Innova enables you to set up and receive real-time alarms and notifications of expiry times and dates.


Optimize your order process

Fast and accurate order fulfillment is a critical part of the logistics process. Innova Order Manager enhances the last link in the supply chain to ensure complete support for complex ordering, packaging and palletizing. Innova Order Manager enables you to produce only what is on order, prioritize sales and production orders for production line control, and shorten the response time to production or order changes.


Improve delivery

A controlled dispatch process enables users to continuously improve their delivery process. The Final Goods Manager is a great tool to improve your delivery process as it gives you the opportunity to build pallets directly to orders, assign orders to shipments and creates final dispatch documentation.





Innova Inventory keeps track of all inventory transactions throughout your processing – from reception to dispatch.
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Final Goods

Innova Final Goods Manager for handheld devices provides information on which products, packs and pallets have been dispatched, when, where, on which order and by whom.
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