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The Innova Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) module uses the OEE industry standard to deliver the three vital production equipment KPIs:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality

Runtime information is picked up from the production lines in real time and provides an instant view of the current health of production.


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Stop reasons

It is simple for line operators to provide stop reasons for OEE losses with minimal impact on their normal tasks. That information can then be analyzed by production management with easy-to-use dashboards and customizable reports to identify the main losses and decide on actions to increase effectiveness.

Preventive maintenance

Use Innova OEE to improve your production flow by identifying where preventive maintenance may be needed, allowing you to act sooner and prevent downtime. Innova OEE also enables you to manage material and packaging levels to make sure you have the right amount at the right time, so you’ll have exactly what you need to get your deliveries ready on time, every time.

  • View real-time status of equipment availability, performance, and production quality
  • Enable paperless collection of runtime and stoppage data
  • Respond quickly when efficiency falls below target
  • Use customizable reports and dashboards to quickly identify the main causes of production losses and monitor the effectiveness of any changes you implement
  • Realize the full potential of processing equipment with continuous improvement


Records runtime data and production stops

Innova OEE records all losses in production. The reasons for any stoppages are then collated so that it is easy for you to identify and track the most common causes of lost production time. Stoppage information is recorded with minimal human input, thereby also reducing the impact on employee time.

Dashboards and customized reports

Innova OEE enables real-time monitoring and historical analysis. The dashboards provide an instant overview while the reports, which can be tailored to suit your needs, provide a valuable analysis tool.

Supported equipment

Includes native support for a wide range of Marel equipment, while I/O support allows for connection to any production line.

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