The Innova Quality Control module is built into the production cycle giving you paperless control of the QC process. It lets you capture and monitor critical quality information on the shop floor in real time. Reliable data gives you an accurate status of quality inspections and issues. Innova QC collects information for custom-made reports and trend analysis, enabling your management team to improve their processes even further.

The module allows quality personnel to enter quality related information at designated control points throughout production. All inspections are directly linked to production, raw material source or final products.


Main benefits:

  • Gives you paperless control and automation of your QC process
  • Integrates the QC process into every  step of production
  • Real-time monitoring lets you respond quickly to quality deviations
  • Gives you a range of reports on all QC issues with easy to read graphics
  • Supports all major quality systems, such as HACCP, ISO, BRC, IFS
  • Links real-time quality data to traceability information

“Our Innova paperless quality system has made it easier and much more efficient to distribute that information in real‑time to factory managers across all locations. Everybody can detect a problem and fix it a lot quicker than when we had to use paper.”

Dave Abbasian,
Operational Manager, Trident Seafood, US

Keep quality in check

and raise efficiency

Real time data capture increases efficiency.  It links inspections directly to traceability information, including all production processes and ingredients in the final product. You can collect important and valuable information for custom-made reports and trends. The reports give you a graphic view of data, making them user- friendly and easy to read.



Immediate response

You can raise efficiency by using dashboards to monitor performance and respond in real time. This enables you to benchmark suppliers and helps avoid potential problems by learning from past issues.

  • Gain paperless control and automation of your quality control
  • Enable real-time monitoring and rapid response to quality deviations
  • Link quality data with traceability information
  • Customize inspection lists and scheduling

Maintain your raw material value

You increase your product quality and value with this integrated QC system that delivers the right information at the right time. All inspections are directly linked to production, raw material source or final products, for full traceability.


Inspect at will

The module handles various inspection items, inspection processes and responses to quality assurance inspection results, all configurable by the user.

  • Raw material inspections
  • Product inspections
  • Box/Pallet inspections


Connections to production

With quality control data linked to traceability information, a lot, item, pack or pallet can be placed on quality control hold because of a failed inspection. This prevents it from entering production.

Dashboards & customized reports

Innova QC keeps all data as long as you want. You can access it any time for historical trend analysis. Easy to use dashboards give access to a variety of reports that can be customized for different purposes.

Less hardware, less labor

You can use some of your existing Marel devices as inspection points reducing the need for additional hardware. Guided questionnaires and multimedia content also allow machine operators to perform basic QC checks. This means less hardware to install and a lesser load on QC personnel.

Adjust your inspection list & scheduling

You can easily customize the design, planning and monitoring of your quality inspections.

Quality Control with Innova


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