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For every food producer, ensuring the consistency and quality of the final product is essential. How do you ensure that your recipe batches uniformly contain the precise amount of ingredients, and are correctly mixed?

With Marel’s Innova Recipe Manager, you can easily organize and control which ingredients are combined to produce your product. This enables you to systematically track what was made, when, where and by whom.

Recipe Manager also simplifies modifying and creating new recipes with a straightforward implementation process. The built-in Innova Traceability engine ensures complete traceability of all ingredients throughout the production process.

Main benefits

  • Full control over recipe-based production
  • Ensures exact quantities of an ingredient are added to the recipe at the right time
  • Define master recipes for specific products
  • Adjust master recipe batch size with automatic recalculation
  • Provides a range of reports on all recipes with easy to read graphics
  • Flexibility - start a recipe batch from the office or directly from the shop floor on a terminal or handheld device (dependent on set-up)
  • Complete traceability of all ingredients


Kristin Groa Thorvaldsdottir, Innova - Marel

For consistency of the final product it's essential to ensure that the right ingredients are combined in the right way with full traceability and quality control.”

- Kristin Groa Thorvaldsdottir
Innova Product Manager




By implementing a paperless recipe process, managers can trace every action. They can see if recipe batches contain the precise amount of ingredients and are combined in the correct order. Accuracy is essential for consistent quality of the final product.

Once batches are available, operators can see all the steps available to them, in the correct order, with concise instructions.

  • Full control ensures that accurate weights of ingredient are added to recipe batches
  • Adjust recipe batches on the fly
  • Ability to trace any issue back to the source
  • Full audit trail to show who changed what and when
  • Better utilization of ingredients




A valuable tool to control and improve recipe production with real-time monitoring and reporting to intervene early in case of production issues.


  • Full integration with Innova Traceability, Innova Quality Control, Innova Inventory, and Innova Order Manager
  • Quickly create or modify recipes with an intuitive drag and drop user interface
  • Version control and approval process for master recipes
  • Enables you to see which ingredients were scanned or weighed for a recipe batch
  • All recipe steps are tracked to monitor who did what and when and to aid in addressing any issues to gain insight
  • Keeps track of what was done, thereby supporting process improvements



is in the details

Innova Recipe Manager has you covered when it comes to reports and transparency down to the last detail. The following reports and live views/dashboards are available through Recipe Manager in addition to the standard Innova Traceability report:

  • Master recipe detail – all the specifics and processes of a master recipe
  • Master recipe history – details all versions of a given recipe
  • Production – features all the batches produced within certain time range
  • Batch variance – shows any changes from the master recipe made to a specific batch
  • Batch detail – all production details for a single batch


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