from source to shelf

Safety all the way

Innova offers full traceability from source to shelf with interconnected systems providing a complete overview of the raw materials' journey through processing. The traceability engine is built into and records every process step based on individual items or lots for all production processes from reception to dispatch.

Main Benefits:

  • Each piece tracked individually and  separately
  • Full traceability of all products
  • Build and maintain consumer confidence
  • Enables full compliance with regulations


“ With the growing regulation that's coming around traceability and labeling laws, you need software to back it all up. Innova seems to have that right now.”

Tyson Yeck,
General Manager, Pacific Seafood, Canada

Bjarni Bergsson, Innova - Marel

Why is traceability needed?

When a health or safety risk is suspected or identified, it is vital for authorities and food processors to:

  • have the capability to trace the problem back to its source
  • swiftly isolate the problem
  • prevent additional contaminated products from reaching consumers
  • provide accurate information to the public


“Government authorities define traceability as the ability to track any food, feed, food-producing animal or substance that will be used for consumption, through all stages of production, processing and distribution.”

Traceability across the complete value chain


Risk Management Tool

Traceability is a risk management tool that allows food processors to withdraw or recall products that have been identified as unsafe or incorrectly labeled, thereby minimizing risk to the public, and to a company’s image.


How Innova traceability works

All units registered in Innova can be traced one level back and one level forward. Traceability information is based on POs (purchase orders) and lots. In a processing system, the traceability function uses POs in raw material intake and lots in the actual production process.

Various data collection points are used to link all these elements together into one traceability chain. This traceability is key to reassuring customers about the quality and safety of your products.


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