On board

packing and Labeling

Integrated hardware and software system for onboard use that enables you to register relevant information like fish species and grades, harbors and fishing gear. The reports provide an overview of everything from catch value and packing history to cargo and e-log reports as well as catch value and a graphic view of data.

Main Benefits:

  • Plug-and-play packing system
  • Flexible report definition and set-up
  • Compliance with EU fishing control regulations
  • E-log book option


  • Pre-set product and grade for species
  • Label standard with box number
  • Large number of standard reports
  • Pre-designed label
  • Manual or automatic tare settings
  • Pre-set language
  • Delete option for pack, re-pack and end-haul at the M2200 scale 

CATCH Registration

Comply with regulation

The Innova MarinePack system is a purpose-built registration tool for any fishing vessel that needs to comply with EU fishing control and traceability regulations.

The MarinePack supports up to 5 packing stations. The basic system consist of a scale, an indicator, a printer and the specifically designed MarinePack software module.




Registration of fishing information at sea

Innova MarinePack is a hardware and software system for registering information about all fish species and grades, harbor, fishing gear and other information relevant for either a report or label.

Innova reports

Innova MarinePack reports provide an overview of everything from catch value and packing history to cargo and e-log reports.

Packing boxes below deck

The M2200 software offers personnel below deck a grading option by indicating which grade is placed on the scale. It is possible to delete a box that has been recorded and end a haul so the captain can see that a job has been finished. The M2200 controls the printer and keeps track of repacking incomplete boxes and labeling leftover fish.

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