Innova at Brabant Meat

Brabant Meat is a Dutch poultry processing company specializing in the manual cut-up and deboning of broiler legs, thighs and breast caps. Since starting to use the Marel StreamLine, Brabant Meat's speed and quality can beat all manually loaded mechanical solutions, says owner John Hendriks.

“Innova offers perfect control of time, kilograms, quality, throughput and yield data; it can’t be better than this! Personally I’m very fond of the Innova time registration.
Everybody’s got a chip, so people check in as soon as they’re at the StreamLine and check out during breaks and end of day. You really see the effective hours and payroll accounting becomes super easy this way. We therefore rolled out Innova time registration for all our operations."

John Hendriks, owner, Brabant Meat

StreamLine at Slaney Foods

“One benefit is that we can easily change over from one lot to another in production and still keep traceability. We constantly extract processing data from the system and work with it to optimize our production processes. All line supervisors can effectively and easily monitor production.”

John Harris, Hall Production Manager, Slaney Foods 

Innova at Slaney Foods

“To be able to supply our customers with safe, high quality product, we needed to have a system which keeps track of stock and product movement throughout the whole processing chain. With food safety a greater concern than ever before, an effective traceability system is critical for us,”

Leslie Warren, Factory Manager, Slaney Foods 

Marel StreamLine at SuKarne

“Seeing the results of the system is very convincing and the understanding of the traceability made the difference. Now even the ‘doubters’ have totally adapted and fully embraced the system. They are now a key to the success of the system.”

“To fully optimize the new real-time work methodology, we have created teams of a supervisor, QC inspector and production controller for each line, who work together to improve and optimize on yield, quality and throughput – with great success."

Oscar Leal, Processing projects manager, SuKarne

Production figures with Innova

“We can constantly see the production figures online in the Innova software systems and we can, at any time, generate performance reports.

SuKarne Mexicali is doing very well in reaching the targeted throughput. So now we need to focus on efficient line speed and further yield improvement – even though we’ve already seen a big increase in yield. We want to reach a carcass yield of 82%, but we’re not quite there yet.

Irving Sosa, Production manager, Sukarne

Slaughter Control at SuKarne

The Innova Slaughter Control software installed in the primary processing area at SuKarne’s Lucero plant communicates with the Innova deboning software installed in the secondary processing area (deboning and trimming) of the plant.

With the Innova Food Processing Software it’s possible to trace products all the way to finished products. The software in the slaughter, deboning, and pack and portioning areas gives us the full overview. It is like we were blind before, and now we see things as they happen. And we can manage them.

Oscar Leal, Processing projects manager, SuKarne

Innova wrapped around our total factory solution

"We use Innova as a daily tool. It's a way of life for us." - Rob Smith, Head of Operations, Morrisons, Grimsby, UK.

Innova Food Processing Software monitors and controls processes throughout the Morrisons facility in Grimsby. “We’ve had Innova wrapped around our total factory solution since we started the factory in September 2012,” Rob Smith, Head of Operations, explains.

“Everything we do is driven through our Innova reports. We’ve used it to measure the success of our refinement of the installations, with the ITM and the pinboner, and we’ve done that very successfully.”

“The reports that we drive out of that are live,” says Smith. “We go right the way back to filleting, pre the ITM, and that now enables us to give suppliers information about fish being soft, heads being too big, and all that affects the way the filleter and ITM portioner perform. We’re able to give live feedback to our suppliers.”

Rob Smith, Head of Operations, Morrisons

Innova used every day to monitor quality

Innova Food Processing Software give Boscher Volailles the most effective processing control of their SensorX systems. “We use Innova every day to monitor quality,” says Le Morvan. “We constantly strive for fewer bone complaints, and the SensorX makes it possible for us to be more relaxed, and it helps our people to monitor and improve the process.”

Thierry Le Morvan Manager of Boscher Volailles 

Scripting is a thing of the past

Thanks to Innova Labeling, complicated scripting is a thing of the past. “With the new visual designer, I see an image of what the label will actually look like."

“Since installing Innova, we now monitor yield on a daily basis through scheduled yield reports which are sent out automatically to the team responsible for overseeing the yield,” explains van Nordennen. “That way we can benchmark between lines and production days, as well as catch up on any deviances immediately.” 

Pieter van Nordennen, Application Manager. 2 Sisters Storteboom B.V.

Everything is accessible in real time

Isfelagid has installed Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software throughout the company. “We also use Innova to control the pelagic scales, the weight grading, and our entire quality management system,” says Hakonarson.

“Everything is accessible in real time; I can monitor the entire process and be on top of what is going on at all times. It’s a tool that really makes my life easier and the process more efficient as a whole.”

Bjorn Brimar Hakonarson, Production Manager at the Isfelagid

We can see the potential, the possibilities

Innova QC workshops run during the installation and implementation phases ensure that the software is meeting expectations, and provide the training that ensures each customer gets the most out of the solution.

“I feel we’ve stretched this Quality Control module to something it wasn’t in the beginning. It’s getting beyond our expectations now, and it’s only going to grow and get even better, because we can see the potential, the possibilities.”

“The workshops are a good way to pool resources and find new solutions; adjust it to fit our requirements,” says Otley.

Rich Otley, Cold Store Manager at Nordlaks

Quality Control module beyond expectations

“The workshops are very helpful,” Camilla Kortsen, quality manager at Nordlaks in Norway, explains. “If we have a question – can we do this, is this possible – we get an answer very quickly. … The Innova technicians visiting Nordlaks can understand better what we are doing – we can say, ‘Let’s go down to the production and I’ll show you.’”

As Rich Otley, Cold Store Manager at Nordlaks, explains, “At the workshops here [in Iceland], being so close to the people doing the hard coding really speeds up the process. … Our suppliers’ level of quality control is very important and my experience with Innova is that they’re very thorough,” says Otley. “We don’t get even the smallest change or update until it’s been quality controlled, until it does actually work as designed.

“I feel we’ve stretched this QC module to something it wasn’t in the beginning. It’s getting beyond our expectations now, and it’s only going to grow and get even better, because we can see the potential, the possibilities.”

Camilla Kortsen, quality manager at Nordlaks

Performance result came as a surprise

“It’s extremely reassuring to be able to settle up every single day – to know precisely what you’re cutting, what percentage in loins, tails, and portions, and to be able to monitor it all,” says Arnarson. Arnarson says that it is almost impossible to quantify the improvement because it used to be so difficult to monitor. “It was almost impossible to keep track.”

Moving to a paperless system, with everything from orders to quality control reports, is quite a transition. “The first two days of training were pretty overwhelming, but then when you start working with the system it’s really a dream,” Arnarson explains.

“As a manager, you form a view of a certain worker being slow at cutting, and another one being fast,” says Sigurdur Orn Arnarson, production manager at Sjofiskur. “When we first turned the system on, the results showed the complete opposite!” The results were so surprising that the floor manager wondered at first if there was something wrong with the system. “It was quite something to bear witness to this.”

Sigurdur Orn Arnarson, Production Manager at Sjofiskur

Constantly monitoring

“You’re constantly monitoring yield, throughput, and individual operator performance in real time; the portioning into packs and the overweight in packs. So it’s the constant monitoring that has helped us the most.”

It was much more difficult to monitor or control the processing performance before installing Innova Food Processing Software. “We couldn’t do spot checks or see the distribution into packs as we can now,” says Pálsson. “We could never see what was happening right this second, nor an overview until the end of the day; what we were giving away in overweight or the processing volume.” 

Daði Pálsson, Production Manager at Godthaab í Nöf

Innova provides total control

Norwegian salmon processor Bremnes processes up to 250 tons of salmon a day and has Innova built into every step of its processing and plant operations. The logistics department harnesses the power of Innova production management software to bring many different — and often competing — threads together.

“Innova provides us with total control. It’s also much easier to learn and use and offers a lot more features than our previous production management system.”

Linn Hege, Logistics Officer - Bremnes Seashore

Innova provides traceability all the way through

 “We’re going direct to source, making sure that we shorten the logistics chain into this business, to get the freshest fish possible into the facility. Using the Innova system, giving it traceability all the way through, the factory has helped tremendously.”

Rob Smith,  Head of Operations - Morrisons

Innova on iPads

Síldarvinnslan recently became Iceland’s first processor whose production system utilized an iPad to run an Innova QC terminal. In the case of quality control, fish selected for inspection are checked for features such as temperature, size, weight, appearance and texture.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that this represents a major step forward,” say Sigurðsson. “Instead of being tied to fixed terminals, we can now pick up an iPad and access and act on information from anywhere in the factory.“

"Another Innova benefit is a much improved flow of information within the plant. It’s much easier to see what everyone is doing, which has led to better communications and teamwork. In the future, we plan to add several of the other features the system offers, such as monitoring and recording performance and productivity.”

Sindri Sigurðsson, Quality and R&D manager - Sildarvinnslan hf.

Innova and packing grader as key elements

“Innova provides us with logistics relating to production planning, packing, labeling and registration for a variety of purposes, among them traceability.”

For Bremnes Seashore COO Bjørn Willy Sæverud, farmed salmon can go a long way to solving global food shortages, with Marel technology playing a key role in his company’s drive for continued quality, increased efficiency, and value added products.

“Each fish that leaves our factory can be traced back to the egg from which it was hatched, and the labeling on our boxes has bar-coded data on a host of details, for example size, quality, tracking number, packing date/plant and shelf life.”

Bjørn Willy Sæverud, COO - Bremnes Seashore 

High automation and all-round control

“Although we‘ve only been using Innova Food Processing Software for about two months, we already know that it’s a very good system. It’s easy to understand, gives us excellent all-round production control, and provides us with an uninterrupted stream of key information,” says Bremnes Seashore’s production manager, Ronny Meling.

“We use Innova to program all equipment on the line. This includes the gutting machines and Marel’s whole-fish packing grader, which has parameters such as number of fish, size, and the flow and rate of production we want to achieve.

“Given the range of features it offers – some of which we’re still discovering – it’s a very easy system to use. Plus, it gives us a much higher level of automation and control than any other production software I’ve ever seen.”

Ronny Meling, Production manager - Bremnes Seashore

Innova eases pressure

“Sitting here at my screen, I can monitor fish as it passes through the factory, including the Marel whole fish packing grader, and see exactly what’s going on at any given time. 

“Innova has also made prioritizing orders for dispatching much simpler and effective,” adds Anne Meling. “We know exactly when the trucks are coming, and can have everything ready for loading.”

“Anyone familiar with a Windows-based environment should have no problems learning to use Innova,” says Jihad Salih. “It’s much more user-friendly and offers a lot more features than our previous production management system. It only took me about three weeks to become very comfortable with it.”

Linn Hege and Jihad Salih, Logistic team - Bremnes Seashore

Controlled and labeled by Innova

Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software offers a Portioning Module that allows for remote programming, controlling and real-time monitoring and reporting on actual performance.

“By using the yield figures generated by Innova, we can now purchase our raw material according to order, a big plus given that 70% of the cost of fish nowadays lies in the raw material itself,” says Vlietinck.
We made the right choice going with Marel.

Geert Vlietinck - Zeevisgroothandel André

Innova as the brain

“I use Innova every day, and we’re now about to add another module to include stock control in our warehouse. It allows me to sit in the office and monitor the operations of the entire plant, and also send messages to individual trimmers if their performance isn‘t up to scratch. Thankfully, the communication is only one way,”

The amount of information generated by Innova is massive, and one of the biggest challenges is actually learning how to use it to maximum effect.”

Paul Hauan - Production and quality manager - Norway Seafood’s Stamsund plant

Trim Management at Kepak

The Trim Management System is running with Innova Food Processing Software, meaning that all information is live. Having real-time information is vital, especially on bone rejects and final batch target weight information.

“Our reports show that rejects are well under 3%,” says Walsh, “and the average from the daily reports show that fat/lean deviation is within 1% of the CL level. That is extremely valuable to us.” 

John Walsh, Site Manager at Kepak in Ballymahon

Innova is the heart of the system

Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software plays a big role in the success of the StreamLine at Krasno. 

“We are now using Innova in more detailed ways as more details are uncovered within the system and within our production. When we bought the system we underestimated our need for Innova knowledge. I would estimate that 75% of the value is in the Innova software and 25% is line itself”. 

Mr. Pilcik, Director and owner of Krasno

Beef production goes Hi-Tech

Customer: Sparta, one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of quality beef and beef products.

“We chose Innova because of its many unique features, and also because it could be scaled to meet our specific requirements,” says Sean Goodison of Sparta. “Our previous software was outdated, offered no centralized management control, had poor traceability features, and often led to problems with inventory control.”

If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it: “Marel’s strong focus on both innovative technologies and service provides fully integrated software solutions for every stage of the production process, scalable according to need,” says Macer-Wright.

Sean Goodison - Sparta

Innova makes my work so much easier

With the Innova Food Processing Software Einhamar Seafood has detailed information of every piece of fresh fish that goes out to their consumers. It can easily be tracked straight back to the source; through all the processing steps back to the fishing grounds were it was caught. “People want to know what they’re eating,” says Alda. “They need to be able to trust the information about the product, and that’s why I am certain that using Innova is the future.”

“Innova makes my work so much easier,” explains Alda. “I’m able to always have full production overview, something I wouldn’t have if I had to be running around checking boxes.”

Alda Agnes Gylfadóttir - Einhamar Seafood

Trusting the source

“Reliable, sophisticated Innova food processing software tracks and tackles the entire process and allows us to maintain an in depth overview of the production is essential,” says Alda Gylfadóttir, managing director of Einhamar Seafood. “Equally important is the full traceability gained from the system.”

Alda Agnes Gylfadóttir - Einhamar Seafood

Meeting Regulations

Food safety and regulation compliance are a priority for processors like FISK Seafood. With new regulations for the US market on the horizon Jón Örn sees FISK Seafood being very well equipped to meet them.

“We are in a better position than many others. We have a great overview over our production as 99% of our raw material comes from our own trawlers and we have the Innova food processing software from Marel to help us stay on track through processing.”

 Jón Örn Stefánsson, Project Manager at FISK Seafood

Seamless Software Integration

The SmartLine features a comprehensive, real-time reporting function that gives the operator a complete overview of the production process. “This is very convenient for us. Everything is integrated into our computer system and I run them like a single unit,” explains Hakonarson. “I can change the settings on all of them with a single input in Innova. I get reports on anything I need and it’s user-friendly and efficient.”

Ísfélagið has installed Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software throughout the company. “We also use Innova to control the pelagic scales, the weight grading, and our entire quality management system,” says Hakonarson.

“Everything is accessible in real time; I can monitor the entire process and be on top of what is going on at all times. It’s a tool that really makes my life easier and the process more efficient as a whole.”

 Bjorn Brimar Hakonarson, Production Manager at Ísfélagið

An increase of 25% per man-hour

“Now the trimming operators can track their own performance and compare their results. They see the average throughput on the line and their own performance too, and likewise any processing flaws. They see this constantly; if they’re doing something wrong then they know about it within seconds.” 

“I estimated an increase of 25% per man-hour. That target was exceeded, and with the individual performance bonus – like just before Christmas, operators could leave as soon as they reached a particular amount – what we expected would take 4 hours to process took 2.5 hours,” says Pálsson. 

Innova Food Processing Software also makes it very easy to keep employees informed. “We can send messages to everyone or to specific employees so that if we’re changing the production program or something, they see straight away, or if we want them to alter the cut or change to a different pack, then we just send a message through the Innova system.” 

Daði Pálsson, Production Manager at Godthaab í Nöf

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